Fondazione l’Albero della Vita - FADV

Is the project coordinator, it has a large experience in coordinating multi-stakeholder projects and technical expertise in foster care, facilities for migrants and in managing residential centers for migrants.


is an NGO working for the improvement of the living conditions of persons in need with the aim of creating a diverse and cohesive society, by promoting the equality, the participation and the empowerment of persons through an integral and intercultural approach.

CORAM – Childen’s Legal Centre

Is an NGO expert in all areas of children’s rights, migration, child protection, education and juvenile justice. It provides a huge range of services, from free legal advice, to research production, to capacity building activities working towards the improvement of chances for all vulnerable children.

FCYA - Family, Child, Youth Association

is a non-profit organization established in 1993 in Hungary. It aims to support the protection of children and strengthen families by fortifying, training and providing services to helping professionals. The association is also involved in numerous international research and training programs, it takes part to prestigious national and international conferences.


is a network of organizations and individuals working in and across Europe to promote the rights and well-being of children and young people. Eurochild has currently 165 members of which 21 National Partner Networks (the ‘go to’ membership-based organizations in their country or region).

FICE Austria – International Federation of Educative Communities

Founded 1968, is the national section of FICE International (International Federation of Educative Communities) which is an international worldwide network of professionals working in the field of alternative child and youth care (residential and foster care).

Fondazione ISMU

was created in 1991 at the initiative of the Fondazione Opere Sociali Cariplo (Cariplo’s charity foundation), It is entrusted with the missions of promoting studies and research and of carrying out documentation, information and training activities relating to the ever-growing ethnic and cultural diversity of the Italian society.

OPU – Organization for Aid to Refugees

Has been helping refugees and foreigners in the Czech Republic for 25 years. OPU’s main activities include providing free legal and social counselling to applicants for international protection and to other foreigners in the Czech Republic, organizing training programs for both professionals and the general public, and other activities aimed at promoting integration of foreigners.

Slovenska Filantropija

s a non-governmental and humanitarian organization operating in public interest since 1992. Its programs are aimed at increasing the quality of life in the community and advocacy for the disadvantaged. The areas of work of the Migration unit are psychosocial, integration, legal and learning assistance, leisure activities, awareness raising and advocacy for the rights of unaccompanied and separated children, asylum-seekers, persons with international protection and other migrants.